Twenty years on and still counting

The front page of the Hexpress of February 1999 had a photograph of a young couple Paul and Bindi Dhaliwal standing on the doorstep of their new business here in Hexthorpe.  It is 20 years on and they don’t look a year older! They had been married in October of the previous year and by November had bought the shop. The family hailed from South Shields in the north east of England, but Paul and Bindi soon settled here.

Bindi says, ‘I love living here in South Yorkshire; people have been very welcoming. Through the shop, we have met many of the old traditional families of Hexthorpe. There are not as many now, but it is still lovely to meet those who I knew as children now coming in with their own young families. In recent years Hexthorpe increasingly has become a much more diverse community.’

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