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tn_Isaac Marsden
Isaac Marsden
(159 pages)
Isaac Marsden was a well-known Doncastrian in the 19th century. He was one of the boys about town until he had a life changing experience. This occurred in the old Wellington Inn that was situated in Doncaster market place. He had always boasted that he “feared neither God nor man, nor devil”. Now he was a Christian believer and the direction of his life changed for ever. He became a somewhat eccentric but powerful preacher. This book tells the story of his life. He travelled the country as a preacher, but his main focus was always the chapels around Doncaster. On the day of his funeral thousands lined the streets on the way to the old Doncaster Cemetery. At the service it was said that he was a ‘living power. He was a God sent man and a God inspired messenger….he was a grand man. Take him all in all we shall not see his like again.’ £2.00
The booklet tells of some of the effects the First World War had on the close community of Hexthorpe. There are 106 names of men killed in this war on the Hexthorpe War Memorial in St Jude’s Church garden. Some details are given of these men; the stories of a few are given in detail. The community must have been devastated as news came in of the deaths of the young men who had been cut down in the prime of their lives. Extracts from the Hexthorpe School log books have been included to show how education was disrupted. There is a personal account of a young boy who was at school during the war. There is much more.£2.50
tn_Not Ashamed
Not Ashamed
Not Ashamed was published to coincide with the bicentenary of Local Preachers in the Methodist Church. Donald Reasbeck allows the preachers to speak for themselves. Extracts from old minute books are used to tell of the lives, work and experiences of the earliest Doncaster preachers. In the later chapters the preachers of today relate their testimonies.£2.00
tn_the hexpress 1989 - 2009
The Hexpress 1989 - 2009
This booklet is a compilation of articles from the first twenty years of the Hexpress. They remind us of some of our hopes, our disappointments and many achievements. We live in a vibrant community. We look forward to the next twenty years.£1.00