Car Parking – a huge problem


“Today is Monday and it has been a terrible start to the day. I have had customers who have driven off due to the lack of parking.”

These are the words of Attif Nazir, the Hexthorpe Post Master. “The situation is getting worse by the week; grass land is now being used by the workers which has left the land churned up, resembling a farmer’s field. My business sales have fallen on a daily basis by £150 – £200. Other businesses have also had a decline in their sales. I seem that I am a voice that has fallen on deaf ears.”

Attif is concerned for the Hexthorpe community; selfish people from outside, who have no thought for their actions, are causing deep concern for many local people. It is not safe to cross the road. People are unable to park outside their own property.

Attif has contacted our M.P. Rosie Winterton and also our councillor Glyn Jones.

Glyn says “The parked traffic at the lower end of Hexthorpe is horrendous. I have been to visit Wabtec management to try and resolve issues over their employees parking on the surrounding streets. However, Wabtec have told me that their car park is at maximum capacity. Wabtec have issued instructions to their employees not to park illegally or in a manner that causes distress or concern to residents or local businesses. They have worked with SYPTE on public transport travel; introduced a car share scheme; tried unsuccessfully to negotiate a reduced parking rate with nearby car parking providers. Additionally, I am seeking a meeting with Unipart rail. The Council is working hard to try and find alternative parking in Hexthorpe and the surrounding area.”