Hexthorpe School’s Recent Ofsted Report

Hexthorpe School Ofsted Inspection

We list here the strengths of the school that the inspectors highlighted. The ‘early years provision’ is described as good. There is room for improvement in other areas, but it is recognised that the school faces special challenges. However, the underlying message of the report is that the school is moving in the right direction.

The school has the following strengths:

  • The school is improving after a period of significant change. Leaders enlisted the support of a multi-academy trust and improvements are picking up pace. Current pupils are beginning to make better progress.
  • Children make strong progress in early years from often very low starting points.
  • Achievement in phonics by Year 2 is very close to the national average.
  • Staff receive effective support and training. Consequently, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is improving.
  • Leaders have created a vigilant safeguarding culture.
  • Leaders’ actions are resulting in rapidly improving attendance and behaviour.
    Pupils are proud of their school and are interested in their learning.