Great Interest Shown in the Park

In the last issue we highlighted The Flatts and the Dell. ThIs provoked one of the largest number of comments and responses that we have ever had. Therefore we suggest that now is the time to move forward to attempt to bring new life back to the park. One group of Hexthorpe ladies have already taken action. Look at the article in the March 2018 issue of the Hexpress to read of their initiative.

It is a fairly regular occurrence for visitors from considerable distances to call in at the Dell Café. They have come back to revisit their old haunts. Only a few days ago a gentleman from Australia walked around the park. He lived here some 30 years ago and soon was lost in his memories. He stood gazing up at a tree, thinking of the number of times he and his friends had climbed it! He was so carried away that a passer-by asked him if he was alright! However, he was so disappointed with the down-at-heel general state of the park and in particular the Dell. Being from Australia, he expressed himself quite forcibly.

A copy of our last issue was sent to the Mayor of Doncaster. Subsequently we have held a meeting with Neil Marshall, Stronger Community Coordinator – who is a very supportive. It was decided to make an appeal for anyone who has a real concern for the park to form a working group. The group will meet with Neil and discuss a possible way forward. If you are such a person and are willing to attend such a meeting then please let us know.
You can get in touch via our Contact Us page.