A Valuable Archival Resource

We are indebted to George Hiley, who not only designs the Hexpress but also has established, designed and now maintains this website. He does all this in memory of his mother in law, Dora Hargrave, who was a Hexthorpe resident and died just after her 100th birthday.  A tribute to her can be found in the Hexpress Issue 93.

George has successfully completed putting all the issues of the Hexpress online. They can be found by clicking on ‘view past issues’. It is intriguing to read through them. They make a valuable resource for examining the news and issues that concerned us over the last 28 years. It has taken George many hours to do this; he called it “a labour of love”. We are grateful to him.


We have been unable to locate Issue number 87 of the Hexpress. If there is anyone who has a copy of this, we would be grateful if you would contact us. We would like to make a copy of it. We will of course return the original. We know that there are some people who have kept all the back issues. If you can help, please contact us through the contact details on this website, or as shown in a copy of the  Hexpress.