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The Hexpress is a community newspaper for the people of Hexthorpe in Doncaster. It is published four times a year and delivered free to every household. It acts as a forum for issues that concern the community, gives relevant information and highlights good news. The first Hexpress was issued in August 1989. It has appeared regularly ever since. It was first published by the Hexthorpe Methodist Church, then the Hexthorpe Quality of Life Group and now jointly with the Hexthorpe Primary School’s Hexfiles.


Hexthorpe Welcome Sign Mallard
Hexthorpe is a community of some 4,000 people. It is situated a short walk away from Doncaster town centre. It has a very long and proud history. It is listed in the Domesday Book in 1085 as ‘Estorp’ – Doncaster did not even get a mention! Eight hundred and fifty two years later the Mallard, built in Hexthorpe, broke the world speed record for a steam engine.
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It was announced at the recent PACT meeting that the sale of the Woodford land – the old Plant Works site – is now going through. Construction of the new houses is due to start within the next six months. We shall give more details of this as they are announced.

Hexthorpe School's Recent Ofsted Report

Hexthorpe School Ofsted Inspection

We list here the strengths of the school that the inspectors highlighted. The ‘early years provision’ is described as good. There is room for improvement in other areas, but it is recognised that the school faces special challenges. However, the underlying message of the report is that the school is moving in the right direction.

The school has the following strengths:

  • The school is improving after a period of significant change. Leaders enlisted the support of a multi-academy trust and improvements are picking up pace. Current pupils are beginning to make better progress.
  • Children make strong progress in early years from often very low starting points.
  • Achievement in phonics by Year 2 is very close to the national average.
  • Staff receive effective support and training. Consequently, the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is improving.
  • Leaders have created a vigilant safeguarding culture.
  • Leaders’ actions are resulting in rapidly improving attendance and behaviour.
    Pupils are proud of their school and are interested in their learning.


That is the headline of the 87th issue of the Hexpress from 2010. It also brings good news for today. An appeal was given in our last Hexpress (no 101) for anyone who had a copy of the 87th issue to let us know. We are pleased that there was such a positive response to this. It was needed to complete all the back numbers of the Hexpress – they can be found online on this site. George Hiley has diligently scanned all 101 issues and made them available to us all. They are a valuable resource for information on the life of the Hexthorpe community over the last 29 years.

Thank you to all those who responded to our appeal.