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The Hexpress is a community newspaper for the people of Hexthorpe in Doncaster. It is published four times a year and delivered free to every household. It acts as a forum for issues that concern the community, gives relevant information and highlights good news. The first Hexpress was issued in August 1989. It has appeared regularly ever since. It was first published by the Hexthorpe Methodist Church, then the Hexthorpe Quality of Life Group and now jointly with the Hexthorpe Primary School’s Hexfiles.


Hexthorpe is a community of some 4,000 people. It is situated a short walk away from Doncaster town centre. It has a very long and proud history. It is listed in the Domesday Book in 1085 as ‘Estorp’ – Doncaster did not even get a mention! Eight hundred and fifty two years later the Mallard, built in Hexthorpe, broke the world speed record for a steam engine.
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Give it a Go - Heritage Workshops

Heritage Doncaster is challenging residents of Hexthoroe to try to learn a new skill in an afternoon. They have joined forces with local experts to teach new traditional skills, including traditional baking, woodturning, textiles and stone masonry..

Heritage Doncaster is made up of three museums – the Doncaster Museum, Doncaster Archives and the Local History Library. The workshops will take place at Travis Gardens Community Hall on Mondays in June from 12 until 4 pm. Each session includes a demonstration and the chance to give it a go yourself. Tickets are limited. Tickets are £5 or £2 for DN4 residents. They can be obtained from: 01302 737339.

Please look at Events for details of all the sessions.

Twenty years on and still counting

The front page of the Hexpress of February 1999 had a photograph of a young couple Paul and Bindi Dhaliwal standing on the doorstep of their new business here in Hexthorpe.  It is 20 years on and they don’t look a year older! They had been married in October of the previous year and by November had bought the shop. The family hailed from South Shields in the north east of England, but Paul and Bindi soon settled here.

Bindi says, ‘I love living here in South Yorkshire; people have been very welcoming. Through the shop, we have met many of the old traditional families of Hexthorpe. There are not as many now, but it is still lovely to meet those who I knew as children now coming in with their own young families. In recent years Hexthorpe increasingly has become a much more diverse community.’

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We can all do something

Prince Andrew says,

‘It’s not just an eyesore, it’s a threat to our environment.’

Our Hexpress letter says,

‘If we all do something it will make a difference.’

What are they talking about? Litter!

Sadly litter has always been with us, but perhaps never so much as in present days. We live in a throw-away society. It can be seen in our streets and back alleys here in Hexthorpe. See the photographs in the present issue of the Hexpress.

However, we want to highlight good news – local people, including our youngsters, are determined that the situation can change. There is news of three different groups who have voluntarily taken on the task of helping to make our streets, backs and park free from litter.

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